~ from 7-9am~ small drip coffee + viennoiserie (choice of croissant or pain au chocolat) – 4

1 quiche + 1 salad – 13

1 sandwich + 1 salad – 15


egg salad sandwich – 6.25

homemade granola & yogurt parfait with jam – 5.50

fresh fruit cup – 4.50

(see also bakery)


 – 6.75

Lorraine : ham & cheese

Marie: goat cheese, roasted fennel, green peas

Paulinette: leek & cheddar


croque maman  (hot)

parisian ham, comté cheese, homemade béchamel, brioche bread - 9


smoked salmon 

smoked salmon, yogurt dill lemon sauce, cucumber, caper, red onion, baby spinach in a brioche bun -9



roasted chicken, mayonnaise, coleslaw with raisin and apple cider vinegar, sliced apple -9


egg salad

egg, avocado, dill, red onions, celery, brioche bread - 6.25


brie cheese (pressed)

brie cheese, bacon, apricot spread with cumin and onions, sliced granny smith apple, spring mix in a rosemary bread -9


veggie  (pressed)

roasted red pepper, mushroom, emmental cheese, garlic mayonnaise, baby spinach in a rosemary bread -9


ham & cheese

parisian ham, emmenthal cheese, pickles, butter in a baguette -9



tuna with caramelized onions, tomato and spicy mayonnaise, emmental cheese, roasted sliced almonds, parsley in a ciabatta -9



 – 7.25


caesaria : roasted chicken, kale, hard boiled egg, parmesan, red onions, thyme croutons

alice: roasted potatoes, red onion, pickles, celery, yogurt sauce with mayonnaise and dill

 rose : quinoa, feta, roasted beet, walnut, lemon juice, kale, parsley, mint

emma (dairy free) : roasted chickpea with cumin and paprika, baby spinach, date, roasted cauliflower with turmeric, mint, pomegranate, red onion, lemon juice

sofia : bulgur, lentil, cheddar, roasted butternut squash with nutmeg and honey, red onion, chives, pumpkin seed, baby arugula

chloé (dairy free): farro, avocado, mint, hazelnut, dried apricot, roasted chickpea with cumin and paprika, baby spinach

julie : goat cheese, almond crushed, green apple, dried cranberry, spring mix


 pistachio cake – 3.96

white chocolate, blueberry & lavender cake – 3.96

earl grey, cranberries & orange cake – 3.96

pears, almond and chocolate tart (slice)– 4.20

apple, hazelnut tartelette (caramelized apple, apricot jam, hazelnut and caramel sauce) – 4.75

croissant –3.25

chocolate croissant– 3.5

almond croissant – 3.68

raisin swirl – 3.60

lemon & thyme madeleine – 1.70

 financier – 1.50

chouquette – 0.85

maman’s nutty chocolate chunk cookie – 3.96

maman’s vegan cookie – 3.96

orange upside down (yogurt cake with caramel and orange)– 4.20

maman’s cookie éclair (chocolate pastry cream and chocolate chip cookie topping)– 4.90

energy ball (date, peanut butter, flax seed, oat, coconut flake) – 2